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Comparing Holga and Diana

Have you ever been confused by these two cult cameras: the Holga and the Diana? Both are made of plastic and have plastic lenses, so they might produce pictures of the same quality like vignetting and soft focus. My curiosity made me purchase a Diana camera to experiment!

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Luke Daab
Oceans Rise: Inspired by Death of a Prince


This is a quick song sketch for an #Aquaman ballad. It’s sung from Arthur’s perspective, mourning the loss of his son who was murdered by Black Manta. In the comics, Manta kidnaps Arthur Jr., forcing Aquaman to fight Aqualad for his son’s life. In the end, Aquaman is too late. Arthur Jr. dies at the hand of his enemy.

I’d love the flesh this concept out even more. I imagine that Arthur regularly doubts his decision to show mercy to Manta in the face of his cruelty. Even more, this single event changed the course of the character’s life. His marriage to Mera suffered from the murder as did his relationship with Aqualad. There is a lot to plume here for a melancholy introspective tune.

With DC’s relaunch, Aquaman’s book has made no mention of him having a son. Fans have been left to wonder how this revision will affect the character.